Color is Complete!

Color on “The Ronin” # 2 is complete!

Our colorist Omi Remalante did a remarkable job.

Layouts and letters are being finalized and then we’re off to the printer!

Here’s the back cover designed by our letterer and designer Sean Glumace!


NEW Colored Pages! Check em out!!!

Are you getting excited? Check out one of the THREE (that’s right, three) freshly-colored pages below. Backers can see all THREE pages over on Kickstarter! 

Lines by Gian Carlo Bernal, Color by Omi Remalante Jr.



What do you think? Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer and closer to completion! 

Check out our first colored page of The Ronin, Book 2!

Lines by Gian Carlo Bernal, color by Omi Remalante Jr.


This is an awesome flashback scene and colorist Omi Remalante Jr. did a great job giving it that old school feel!

More pages to come. Follow along as we complete this book. Then, be there for Book 3 and beyond!

And… we’re off!

I want to thank everyone again for supporting The Ronin #2.

I received the funds from Kickstarter this morning and we are off and running.

Deposits have been paid and the color work will begin shortly. Lettering is already in progress!

I will post updates as we go so you can see our progress as we march closer and closer to delivery.

Thank you again for your support. Stay tuned for some full-color awesomeness soon!

Stay Vigilant!




The Creative Process – AKA Why We Need Your Help On Kickstarter

A little peek behind the curtain of The Ronin process.

It starts with the story.

Yours truly writes the script and I send it to Eder Messias who does a quick sketch.


Once I receive the sketch, we talk and discuss any changes before moving into the detail work.

With the pencils and inks complete, the page is ready for the colorist to do his or her thing.

This is where Kickstarter comes in.

Image result for support us on kickstarter

Once color is complete, it goes to our letterer who adds the narrative to the page.

As cool as this is, we really need your help to color this thing and get it printed.

We’re more than halfway there. Check it out by clicking

The Ronin #2 Cover… In Living Color!

Our colorist, Jeremy Shepherd, delivered this wonderful cover tonight. What do you think?

Have you backed us on Kickstarter yet? If not, what are you waiting for!? Go to to pledge your support and help make The Ronin #2 a reality!

We Are Live on Kickstarter!

Please go support The Ronin #2 on Kickstarter! Click the link below to be taken to the campaign.

The Ronin Returns… Tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 8 AM we launch the Kickstarter for The Ronin #2.
Can we count on your support?

Preview the Kickstarter by Clicking Here


The Ronin #2 Kickstarter Preview

It’s long overdue but we’re headed back to Kickstarter for The Ronin, Book Two in August!

My original idea for Book Two was for a 36-page double issue, but we hit some snags and I have been sitting on an awesome book for far too long.

Rather than try to do it all myself, I am going with what we have and getting it to you ASAP. But to do that, I need your help!

What we’re raising money for:

1. Color – We need to raise money to have the book colored
2. Printing – Printing and shipping copies & rewards to backers
3. Book Three – Anything above our goal goes directly to Book Three

Click the link below to check out a preview. Then, get ready to support. We launch Friday, August 9th!


The Ronin #2 Kickstarter Launches Friday at 8 AM! NEW COVER!

Hey Everyone,

The Kickstarter for The Ronin #2 launches this Friday, August 9th at 08:00 Pacific Time. I will post a reminder once it’s live.

Since we decided to split the original book into two, we’re using the cover we had for book three, which means that we needed a new cover for the new book two.

Well, our artist Eder Messias came through and he created the beautiful cover that you see above.

Thanks for your support and be on the lookout for the Book Two Kickstarter launching Friday morning at 8 AM!

Stay Vigilant!