This Tuesday! #BlackComicsChat podcast interview!

This Tuesday, check me out on the Black Comics Chat podcast talking comics, The Ronin on Kickstarter, religion, diversity in comics, and more! You can listen at

Make sure you listen because I am making a very special announcement! You don’t want to miss it.

Interview Tuesday!

This coming Tuesday, the 20th of December at 10:45 am, I will be on KSVY’s Hollywood & West Napa Street radio show promoting The Ronin Kickstarter campaign and talking about a variety of other topics with host Cat Smith. Locals can listen to Hollywood & West Napa on 91.3 KSVY Sonoma!  Everyone else can download the free KSVY app for iOS or Android to listen anywhere. You can also listen to archived shows on the app as well.

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FREE Preview!

I really want you to check out our Kickstarter campaign, so I am offering a 100% FREE preview of our book. Click here right now to check out 5 pages of The Ronin. If you like what you see, please go to our Kickstarter page here and back us so that we can get the book printed and distributed.



Kickstarter is LIVE!

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Kickstarter Video

Check out the video for my upcoming Kickstarter (launching this Friday, December 9th!) and let me know what you think on social media.

Preview the entire Kickstarter project including rewards by clicking here.

The Ronin Kickstarter starts next week, but what is Kickstarter?

On December 9th at 12:01am Pacific Time, the project will go live. I would love it if you all would go there and support the project by donating. I have had a few people ask me what Kickstarter is. For those that are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, please click here.


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for creative people (like me) to post campaigns requesting funding help to make their project a reality. Supporters (called backers) donate money to help fund the project and in exchange they get rewards. The artist only receives the donations if they hit their goal before the campaign ends. You can check out Kickstarter’s FAQ here:

Finally! The Ronin Kickstarter Campaign Launches December 9th!

People keep asking me when the Ronin will be available. They love the art and they want to read the book. Well, after a couple of false starts, The Ronin is officially headed for Kickstarter on December 9th! This is what we’ve been waiting for.

I need your help to get Issue One printed and out to the masses so please bookmark this site, the IamChrisDickens Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram for updates and more.


Do you want a sneak preview of the Kickstarter? Click here to see what I’ve been up to, and be sure to comment and share on social media that you’ll be supporting.

When Worlds Collide – New Vigilante Project Art

A little while back I asked Gian Carlo, the artist for The Ronin, to do a poster of Vigilante Project just to see what it would look like. Well, he did and it is excellent. It’s getting a bit of attention on social media so I figured I’d post it here too.


Gian Carlo did the pencils and inks, and I had planned to have Jeremy Shepherd (colorist for The Ronin) color it, but before he could, original (O.G.) Vigilante Project colorist Jarrett Arthur stepped in and colored it. He actually saved and colored the low-resolution picture from Facebook just for kicks, but when I saw his work I sent him the high-resolution art so that he could do it for real. I’m still going to have Jeremy color it, but Jarrett’s looks amazing so I had to share. Jarrett has been coloring for Team Vigilante Project since way back with the ashcan in 2010. He really does stay vigilant. Check it out below.


What do you think? It’s kind of nice when The Ronin and Vigilante Project worlds collide. For a limited time over on the Vigilante Project Facebook Page, I have provided a link to read the graphic novel for FREE. Head on over there and give the page a like, and check it out.

Stay Vigilant!


I’m Back


Back in October, I posted a blog stating that I had stopped making comics. I felt that I needed to step away from comics because they “demanded a lot of my time, energy, and money and I just can’t spare that time, energy, and money anymore”. As true as that statement was and in some ways still is, I have found that I am not as busy as perhaps I thought I was, and that I have really missed making comics. So… I’m back.

Don’t get me wrong. My attitude toward making comics has definitely changed. However, rather than saying that I stopped making comics, I think that perhaps a more accurate statement would be that I stopped making comics for profit, or that I have stopped pursuing comics as a career. It’s no secret that I got into comics as a means to a specific Hollywood end, but I have grown to love and cherish comics as an artform and to enjoy making comics simply for the sake of telling the story. So, rather than chasing a Hollywood dream or trying to turn it into a career, I am going to shift my motivation and intent, and continue to make comics simply for the joy of storytelling.

I have two amazing stories that I want to share with the world in The Ronin and Vigilante Project, and I think that it’s high time that I got back to them. Besides, does anything really stay dead in comics?


So what does all this mean? It means that I have something up my sleeve of course. But rather than talking about it, I am going to just do it. Stay tuned and be ready for something new December 9th.

Self-Publishing… Again

I want as many people as possible to read my work. When it comes to comics, that typically means getting into comic book stores. If you don’t know how comic book stores work, the majority of them order their books from a distributor called Diamond. In most cases, if your book is not available through Diamond, comics stores won’t carry it.

There is the rare store owner that has an independent or small press section for self-publishing folk like myself, but the reach is small and the number of readers is usually modest. Conventions, webcomics, and comiXology submit have helped, but for the most part, the readership is modest. How do you get into comic book stores? You have to ink a deal with one of the publishers/distributors.



So how do you get with Diamond? You can submit your work directly to Diamond and they  will vote and decide if your work is good enough for them to carry it in the rarely seen (and even more rarely ordered from) Independent section of Previews, their catalog. Or, the other way is to ink a deal with one of the established publishers/distributors that distribute through Diamond such as Image Comics, Dark Horse, IDW, etc.

In the past, I have submitted Vigilante Project (VP) to these publishers/distributors and they passed. No big deal. I know that I made some mistakes with VP, and even though it hurt, I understood. However, this time around with The Ronin, I figured it would be different. I honestly believe that The Ronin is as good of not better than 95% of the comics on shelves right now, so I figured it’d be a no brainer for one of these publishers/distributors to pick it up. So at Comic Con, I met and spoke with quite a few publishers and some were very interested. However, this week I got the final “no” I was dreading from the publisher that I wanted most. The other two I spoke with didn’t even respond (which means no).

So what now?



Self-publishing is something that I am very familiar with. All five Vigilante Project books were self-published and we did pretty darn good for a little indie book that could. However, The Ronin is a different animal. It’s an adaptation of a novel and as such I have to deal with rights, minimum print runs, and more. I’ve already spent a pretty penny on Ronin and I hesitate to spend more without getting some input from the marketplace.

So, it looks like I am headed back to Kickstarter to get some help funding book one of The Ronin. If you recall, we did two Kickstarters to get VP printed and out to the masses. Once funded, I’ll get The Ronin on Amazon and comiXology, the people will love it, and the sales will be enough for us to keep going. But it all starts with Kickstarter… again.



If you’re reading this, check out the preview of my Kickstarter page here and let me know what you think. It’s not ready to go yet. I am waiting on GC to finish a new t-shirt design reward and then I will record the video for it. But check out the content and help me out of you see something that I should change, or something that I could make better. Thanks.

Stay Vigilant!





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