Introducing Our New Artist for The Ronin: Eder Messias

Eder Messias

I’d like to introduce Eder Messias, our new artist for The Ronin. Eder is a very talented young man out of Brazil and we think that he is the perfect fit to carry on the story of The Ronin.

Check out his page from The Ronin #2 below.


A page from The Ronin #2 by artist Eder Messias

The Ronin is coming back to Kickstarter.

If you’re one of the 207 backers from The Ronin #1, and/or you’ve been wondering when we would release book 2, I’m happy to say… we’re coming back.

There will be a NEW Kickstarter coming after Comic-ConĀ (SDCC) featuring art from Eder Messias like the picture above.

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