Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Endorses The Ronin – New Rewards on Kickstarter!

Remember when I said that my friend and I were talking about bad guys and that my friend recommended that I read The Ronin? Well, that friend just happens to be world famous actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa!

Known for a variety of films including The Last Emperor, Showdown in Little Tokyo, Rising Sun, and Planet of the Apes, most comic book fans immediately recognize him as Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat! Right now he’s starring as Trade Minister Nobusuke Tagomi on Amazon’s hit series The Man in the High Castle!

How we met and how Cary got involved is a long story (which you can hear if you click here and listen to the podcast where I first announced his involvement) but Mr. Tagawa has been a friend and advisor to me throughout this process of creating The Ronin. He is the one who turned me on to The Ronin in the first place and now that we’re on Kickstarter he wants to help.

So, I’ve added two special Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa reward levels for backers of The Ronin on Kickstarter. Backers who pledge at the new Tachi or “Great Sword” level will receive all of the rewards for previous levels, PLUS, an 11×17 poster of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as The Ronin character, signed by Mr. Tagawa himself!  Backers who pledge at the new Tetsubo (Mace or Club) level will receive a signed, 6×9 version of the poster. Here’s a preview of the poster with art by Gian Carlo Bernal and colors by Jeremy Shepherd.


Spread the word and make sure that your reward level qualifies you for this limited edition, signed poster of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa! Thanks for reading.

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Diversity in Comics and the Ronin on Kickstarter

I am a storyteller. Whether it’s in the church, on a sales call at my day job, or writing comics, I love to tell stories that make people think and that call people to action. This endeavor with The Ronin is no different. The Ronin also has a lot going for it in terms of diversity. In a time where we crave diversity in comics and in film, The Ronin has something for everyone. What do I mean?

  • The Ronin is based on a Zen myth.
  • The Ronin is unapologetically Japanese.
  • The Ronin was written by a gay man and LGBT rights activist.
  • The Ronin comic book is being written by a black man.
  • The Ronin comic book is created by a diverse team of artists from all over the world.


The Ronin is based on a Zen myth, but it is also a Zen Koan. A Koan is defined on Wikipedia as “a story, dialogue, question, or statement, which is used in Zen practice to provoke the ‘great doubt’ and test a student’s progress in Zen practice.” Yes there is a lot of action in The Ronin and that’s great, but it is thought provoking as well, and hopefully will make you think. It’s a phenomenal story with a lot of action, but the story is also about redemption, and I hope that readers will think and grow in reading it.

The Ronin, though written by a white man, is unapologetically Japanese. It is clear that the author William Dale Jennings spent significant time learning and studying the culture. The characters are all Japanese, the story takes place in Japan, and in this day and age of whitewashing characters in comics and film, that to me is refreshing.



What about The author Dale Jennings was a gay man at a time when being gay was literally illegal. He was an early member of the Mattachine Society. From Wikipedia:

The society sought to gain acceptance through greater communication between homosexuals and heterosexuals… and proclaimed homosexuals to be one of the largest minorities in America.

In the spring of 1952 Jennings was arrested for allegedly soliciting a police officer in a toilet in Westlake Park, now known as MacArthur Park. The trial that took place drew national attention to the Mattachine Society and membership increased drastically due to the decision of the Mattachine Society to help contest the charges brought against Jennings. William Dale Jennings was one of the first homosexual men to contest charges such as this one. Most homosexuals at the time pleaded guilty so as not to be publicly scrutinized. His decision to fight back was a pivotal point in the movement.

Say what you want about homosexuality. As a pastor, I have heard it all. But as a follower of Christ, I am called to love my neighbor first, so whatever your personal position, keep it to yourself. I love everyone and will accept you as you regardless of lifestyle, ethnicity, education, political affiliation, etc. With that out of the way let me say that William Dale Jennings was the man! This was 1952! To stand up and fight for his rights and his identity as a gay man was (and sometimes still is) groundbreaking.


The Ronin is being adapted to comic book format by me, Chris Dickens, and I am a black man. This doesn’t sound like a big deal but in a day and age where the average comic book fan cannot name 7 black comic book characters, let alone black comic book writers or creators, this is important. The black voice is largely absent from the comics spectrum, but I am blessed to be a part of this black nerd (or blerd) community, and to be doing something I love which is writing comics. Oh, did you think I was exaggerating about the not being able to name 7 black comic book characters? Watch this:

Finally, Team Ronin is diverse. You have a black writer, a white colorist and letterer in Jeremy Shepherd and Sean Glumace respectively, and our artist Gian Carlo Bernal lives and works in the Philippines. So when you read this comic, you’re reading work and inspiration from

So when you read this comic, you’re reading work and inspiration from Japan, from the LGBT community, from a black nerd, the white creative community, and the Philippines. To me, that is impressive and important. All creative teams should be so diverse.

So when you support the Ronin, you’re supporting diversity in comics. I hope that explains my multiple hashtags and one of the many reasons I am excited about this book and this Kickstarter campaign. If you haven’t already, check out The Ronin on Kickstarter by clicking here, and if you like what you see, support us with a donation. Thanks for reading!


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The Ronin Kickstarter starts next week, but what is Kickstarter?

On December 9th at 12:01am Pacific Time, the project will go live. I would love it if you all would go there and support the project by donating. I have had a few people ask me what Kickstarter is. For those that are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, please click here.


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for creative people (like me) to post campaigns requesting funding help to make their project a reality. Supporters (called backers) donate money to help fund the project and in exchange they get rewards. The artist only receives the donations if they hit their goal before the campaign ends. You can check out Kickstarter’s FAQ here:

Finally! The Ronin Kickstarter Campaign Launches December 9th!

People keep asking me when the Ronin will be available. They love the art and they want to read the book. Well, after a couple of false starts, The Ronin is officially headed for Kickstarter on December 9th! This is what we’ve been waiting for.

I need your help to get Issue One printed and out to the masses so please bookmark this site, the IamChrisDickens Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram for updates and more.


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When Worlds Collide – New Vigilante Project Art

A little while back I asked Gian Carlo, the artist for The Ronin, to do a poster of Vigilante Project just to see what it would look like. Well, he did and it is excellent. It’s getting a bit of attention on social media so I figured I’d post it here too.


Gian Carlo did the pencils and inks, and I had planned to have Jeremy Shepherd (colorist for The Ronin) color it, but before he could, original (O.G.) Vigilante Project colorist Jarrett Arthur stepped in and colored it. He actually saved and colored the low-resolution picture from Facebook just for kicks, but when I saw his work I sent him the high-resolution art so that he could do it for real. I’m still going to have Jeremy color it, but Jarrett’s looks amazing so I had to share. Jarrett has been coloring for Team Vigilante Project since way back with the ashcan in 2010. He really does stay vigilant. Check it out below.


What do you think? It’s kind of nice when The Ronin and Vigilante Project worlds collide. For a limited time over on the Vigilante Project Facebook Page, I have provided a link to read the graphic novel for FREE. Head on over there and give the page a like, and check it out.

Stay Vigilant!