Vigilante Project Comics

Below is a synopsis of Vigilante Project and a short summary of all our comics up to this point.

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When his kid sister Alicia is kidnapped and murdered, Alvin Gentry naturally trusts the police to find the person responsible. A college student with a dark past, Alvin slips into a deep, angry depression while awaiting justice. As the investigation stalls, Alvin uncovers a clue that could help solve the case. Ignored by police and with more and more time passing, he decides to find the killer himself. But Alvin cannot just become a vigilante, he has to learn how. With little training, experience, or resources Alvin takes on what he calls his vigilante project and sets out to find his sister’s killer. As he follows the clues, Alvin discovers just how challenging his vigilante project can be.

Along the way he seeks counsel from a local Catholic priest, crosses a street gang with ties to organized crime, and falls in love with his married apartment manager Rebecca. But when Alvin discovers that there is more to his sister’s disappearance than meets the eye, he must take on more than he ever expected, risking it all to save another little girl that is being held by the same man.

Vigilante Project #0 – The Confessional

Vigilante Project #0-Cover

In November 2011 we released Vigilante Project: The Confessional. It is a short, 9-page book called an ashcan which served as a preview for the upcoming Vigilante Project series. The ashcan picks up in the middle of our story in order to showcase the character, his costume, weapons, and abilities.

Vigilante Project #1 – The Guitar Hero

Vigilante Project Issue-01-cover

VP#1 made its debut at WonderCon on March 16, 2012. We sold out in less than a day. This is the official introduction for the story and the main character Alvin Gentry.

Vigilante Project #2 – Date Night

Vigilante Project Issue-02-cover

Date Night started as a special insert that debuted at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in September 2012. This book featured the character Ramon who will be played by Rick Worthy in the Vigilante Project TV series. Rick joined us to sign a limited number of copies at the Comikaze Expo. Check out pictures here.

We have since added to Date Night, taking it to a full 23 pages and adding some interesting new details and twists.

Vigilante Project #3 – Homecoming

Vigilante Project issue-03-cover

VP#3 was released simultaneously with our graphic novel. For collectors, it is available in our online store as well. In VP#3 Alvin Gentry follows his first big lead, but struggles to get the rest of his life back to normal. They say that you can’t go home again, but that won’t stop Alvin from trying. The rabbit hole gets deeper as the stakes get higher.

Vigilante Project #4 – Countdown

Vigilante Project Issue-04-cover

VP#4 is the countdown to Alvin’s big move! Check out his final preparation as he gets ready to kick some butt! VP#4 also brought our first variant cover featuring well-known cosplayer AZ Powergirl.

Vigilante Project Issue-04var-cover

VP#4 is the countdown to a big confrontation. Along the way our hero Alvin faces off against an aggressive group of thieves, including their tough blonde leader. As part of our Kickstarter promotion we created a character to look like AZ Powergirl, and she’s a big part of this awesome fight scene. She’s armed and dangerous, and best of all, she’s on the cover.

Vigilante Project – Volume One

Vigilante Project Graphic Novel Cover

Volume One collects books 1-4 for in one complete graphic novel! This is over 120 pages of vigilante awesomeness! With an amazing cover by Jimbo Salgado with color by Omi Remalante Jr. it is our most popular work.

Vigilante Project #5

Coming Soon! Stay tuned, and Stay Vigilant!